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Започването на кариера в забавления за възрастни може да бъде трудно. Предвид новите аматьорски сайтове ,които се появяват почти всеки ден, е трудно да се забелязват от големите студия. Когато Спенсър Рийд първо попаднал в гей порно преди повече от пет години, тя е била много по-различна картина.

Starting off a career in adult entertainment can be difficult. With new amateur websites popping up almost every day, it’s hard to get noticed by the big studios. When Spencer Reed first got into gay porn over five years ago, it was a much different scene.

Once he made the decision to explore the world of adult entertainment, Spencer started to tell his friends and family of his career move.

“My friends were really supportive,” Spencer said, describing the reactions he received. “There was no jealousy.”

However, his family had a much different reaction.

“My parents at first were not happy. They still aren’t now.”

Although his family today still isn’t 100% on board, he’s doing something that he enjoys.

“They are proud that I am DJing,” Spencer continued, referring to his parents thoughts on his career choices. “I’ve played all over the US, and I’m playing in Europe this fall.”

Spencer started DJing long before his career in adult entertainment. He started out DJing in 2005, at his friends house parties, as a way to have a bit of fun.

“I never intended on playing in clubs,” said Spencer, who modestly talked about his growing status as a club and circuit DJ. “Last year a friend in San Francisco introduced me to some people there, and it’s spiraled from there. It just took off.”

While Spencer enjoys his time on camera doing porn, he’s not sure how much longer he will be doing it.

“I love the vibe and energy from the dance floor,” said Spencer. While he hasn’t made up his mind on his career going one direction or the other, he admits he wants to continue to explore the world of DJing and promoting.

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Spencer Reed